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Technology platform - Process intensification

Autoclaves and Equipments for Chemical Synthesis

reactor-  Autoclaves in parallel with mechanical stirring (8 x 20 mL, up to 34 bar and 200 °C)

-  Steel autoclaves (75 to 600 mL) for high-pressure and high temperatures chemical treatments (up to 500 °C and 600 bar)

-  Micro autoclaves in glass (0.5 mL to 20 mL) stirred and heated by microwave irradiation

 (up to 250°C) and resistant to an autogenous pressure of 20 bar.

synthesis-  Glass reactors (0.6 to 6L) heated by double jacket (200 °C) with semi-automated injection systems and continuous temperature and pH control.

Pilot reactors     

 - Pilot reactor (5 liters) with solid addition unit (1 kg/h) and pilot distillation unit (pyrolysis, catalytic cracking, waste treatments, biomass conversion, …)
-  Intensified reactor for continuous meso-fluid tests (-10 to 200 °C, 2 to 10 ml /min)
- Intensified reactors for gas phase catalytic tests (25 to 450 °C, 100 ml /min)
- Intensified reactors for continuous catalytic oxidation of VOCs (250 °C, 30 m3/h)
- Reactors for continuous treatment of fluids loaded with solid particles (design and adaptation according to project needs).
- Ultrasonic reactors (design and adaptation according to project needs)



Preparative chromatography, distillation columns




 -  NMR (access), GC-FID, GC-MS, HPLC, IR, Raman, UV, DRX, BET, DLS, TGA / DSC, micro-GC coupled to mass spectrometer, zeta potential analyzer

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