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R&D projects


 Technical textiles free of
fluorocarbons and silver

 Development of low carbon footprint material
 Development of low odour and
low emissive biocomposites


 Development of new packaging materials
 Eco-products and health
 Renewable energy and hydrogen
Biobased and sustainable materials Materials for building application
Innovative process for recycling
end-of-life PMMA waste



 Innovative products for the pharmaceutical
and agro industries

 Micro/mesofluidic technologies
for innovative chemical processes
 Recycling of end-of-life
shredded cars residues


Recycling of end-of-life optical fibers
Recycling of post-consumer plastics

Recycling of composite materials

Removing undesirable odors
in food packaging

Climatic change and sustainable energy
of Slurries

Catalytic structured reactors

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