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A new olfactometer for our core expertise in odours


A new dynamic olfactometer has been installed in one of our sensory rooms.  The system offers a maximum flexibility in terms of panel management (modular boards for 4 to 6 members in parallel), presentation modes (forced choice and yes-no modes available), case of maintenance (removable modules including the dilution unit) and data treatments. In addition to the quantification of odour concentrations, it allows intensity and hedonic tone rating.

This new system anticipates the future requirements of EN13725 (under revision). Among those, it fulfils the criteria of accuracy and stability, of air flow rate for the presentation together with a low sample consumption.  All the metallic parts in contact with the sample have been passivated with a specific coating. A low retention and excellent recoveries are therefore expected, even for highly reactive species such as sulfur derivatives. One of the secondary benefits is a shorter lag time for the presentation of a controlled and stable dilution level on the sniffing ports.

Certech is recognised as a reference expert by the AFNOR, ISO and CEN committees. Certech has been involved in the drafting of the European standard EN 13725 (dynamic olfactomery).

This equipment has been acquired in the frame of MMATwo Project (Horizon 2020 - Grant agreement No 820687).