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Fuel cells

According to the European commission, the development of innovative and efficient fuel cells is considered as a priority for a better control of energy and low environmental impact.

Thanks to its expertise in material science, gas chemistry and catalysis, Certech has been involved in studies on fuel cells since 2005, through public funded research projects such as:

  • RW Project (Walloon Region) 2005-2007 INNOPILE “innovation on membranes for PEM-type fuel cells” in collaboration with UCL-EMIC, ULG-CERM et ULG-CIOR.
  • Project Marshall Plan 2008-2012 PICOM “development of an innovative “electrode-membrane” block for its use in a PEM-type fuel cell” in collaboration with IT4IP, Nanocyl, UCL-EMIC, ULG-CIOR et ULG-LASSC

As a support for industries, Certech mainly focuses on the economic priorities defined by the European Commission (durability, materials, catalysts ...)