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Air quality, environmental safety as well as the impact of professional activities on public health are some of the important concerns of the populations, industries and authorities. A good policy in these fields is nowadays of prime importance for a successful and sustainable economic development.

In this context, every actor of the environmental chain (environment managers, H&S coordinators, medical doctors, politicians, neighbours,...) need to rely on a partner with the right expertise for the publication of a comprehensive environmental diagnosis as well as to direct them toward a sustainable development.  

Certech covers all aspects of air quality and offers its expertise at different levels, from the outdoor environment (air pollution) to confined spaces (homes, offices, transportation, workplace ...).

Our technical expertise is focused on odour, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), sprays, dusts, nanoparticles, noise and microbiological agents.


Certech is the Belgian expert, and active member of the standardization committees on air quality (CEN/TC264, ISO/TC146, CEN/TC137, CEN/TC351, AFNOR B44, CEN/TC386).

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