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Ambient air analysis

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For industries wishing to engage in a process of transparency and environmental communication, Certech proposes an approach to assess the impact of the industrial activity on the neighbourhood air quality (industrial site, zoning, and residential district).

We carry out continuous or discontinuous monitoring of the medium or long term air quality (dust, VOC, odours). The objective is a direct measurement of the potential nuisance in a receiving environment, potentially involving the local residents . This approach has led us to manage different characterization tools such as fixed measurement stations, neighbourhood surveys, odour observatories, etc. The results are discussed and presented to the various parties involved. The correlation of proven nuisance episodes with industrial activities taking place on site and / or more generally within a zoning often makes it possible to identify the most critical stages and actors in terms of dispersion and impact.     

 Certech is appointed Belgian expert as an active member of European standardization groups concerning "immission" methods for characterizing ambient air.