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Sustainable products-Emissions from materials

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Plastics, solvents, synthetic or natural products involved in the following end-use application of modern life:

  • Building (floor and wall coverings, paints, varnishes, sealants, glues, insulation materials, furniture...)
  • Transport (seats, dashboards, roof stuffing...)
  • Packaging

are of increasing complexity involving many additives which may emit volatile and/or odorous compounds. These chemicals may have negative effects on the well-being (undesirable smells) and health (allergies, eyes and throat irritations, headaches...) of the people exposed.

End-users new expectations and specifications (low odour and emission products) as well as new or forthcoming directives & regulations (low VOC level, low odour, low specific migration limit...) have generated new market needs for reliable testing conditions. In this context, a reliable a partner able to provide a complete emissions characterisation as well as a full support for new products development is key to success.

Combining its skills in air sampling and analysis with its know-how in material science, Certech has developed leading edge expertise in assessing and managing gaseous emissions produced by materials. 

Certech competences and services include:

  • Evaluation of the odours and chemicals (VOC, fogging), particles or microbiological compounds emitted by materials, based on the most recent standards.
  • Migration tests and manufacturing of barrier materials.
  • Simulation of the service-life conditions of  materials (test under controlled conditions: emission chamber, emission cell).
  • Methods adaptation, customers-specific tests or development of customised tests (e.g. simulation of compounding conditions).
  • Chemicals risk assessment on health.
  • Selection of low odour and low emission material complying with the latest regulations.
  • Remediation: formulation of less odorous and less emissive products.
  • Support to raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers to develop products meeting the required new specifications
  • Technology and regulatory watch