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Industrial hygiene

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Whatever the size of a company is, workplace legislation requires not only to assess but also to prevent any professional risk.

Certech specialists (including prevention advisers) support industries for the evaluation of the employees exposure to chemicals, microbiological products, physical agents or to particles.

Depending on the needs, Certech can help the industries in the following fields:

  • Analysis of risks :

This first step requires the analysis of a working process, as well as the detection, inventory and prioritisation of pollutants according to their hazards.


  • Samplings and analysis :

In some cases, specific samplings and analyses have to be performed to confirm the presence of a specific risk. Measurements are realised after the determination of similar exposure group (SEG) and the design of a sampling plan.

Air quality is assessed according to the existing limit values and based on international standards or approved methods. Various analytical methods have been developed, for instance to evaluate the efficiency of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as cartridges for respiratory protections or to characterise an explosive atmosphere.


  • Assessment of workplace exposure levels :

The analysis and the interpretations of the results are performed using specific and adapted tools. The validation as well as the representativeness of the samplings are realised in order to determine the frequency of measurements required, to follow a dynamic risk assessment approach.

Various toxicological analyses can also be performed by different Certech's partners.