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Process intensification

Organic and inorganic synthesisCatalysisCatalytic pyrolysis and solvolysis
Process Intensification is a relatively new approach in the chemical industry.

process intensification

Process intensification is characterized by the use of small volume reactors, continuous process, high temperatures and pressures. It leads to improved quality products, increasing yields, reduction of investment costs, lower energy consumption and reduced environmental and safety risks.

It is a multidisciplinary approach to improve both process technology and underlying chemistry at the same time.

Certech has also developed competences in the field of catalysis and synthesis.

The following domains are covered:

  • Customised organic and inorganic synthesis (from grams to kilograms),
  • Improvement of synthetic pathways and process development, using automated synthesis workstations running high throuput experiments.

Certech skills in polymer synthesis as well as in compounding are also proposed to customers.