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Catalytic pyrolysis and solvolysis

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Certech owns equipment which reach high pressures and temperatures while ensuring continuous operations. Expertise has been developed about the intensification of microreactors.

Both our expertise and our equipment are dedicated to work on public and industrial-funded projects in the field of recycling, solid waste valorisation in a continuous mode as well as extraction and purification of biomaterials for a medical use.

Our expertise in process intensification covers numerous applications such as:

  • Treatment of liquid hydrocarbons

An intensified reactor was designed to perform a continuous chemical treatment of liquid hydrocarbons under high pressure and temperature.

Compared to a classical process, this equipment and this process reduce the residence time in the reactor from several hours to a few minutes. This improvement results in a reduction of the capital investment for the customer.

  • Catalytic cracking of solid plastic waste

An intensified reactor has been developed for the continuous thermal treatment of solid  plastic waste, in order to produce liquid hydrocarbons. This system provides a solution both to the heat transfer and to the heterogeneous materials feeding issues, well-known in classical batch processes.

  • Valorisation of biomass by solvolysis

Work is in progress at Certech to valorise biobased waste by solvolysis using green solvents in sub- or supercritical conditions (high temperature and pressure). The sustainability of these products will be increased by the use of a renewable energy.