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Organic and inorganic synthesis

Organic and inorganic synthesisCatalysisCatalytic pyrolysis and solvolysis
Through numerous industrial partnerships, Certech has developed a wide expertise in the field of organic and inorganic synthesis.

Organic and inorganic synthesis
Our approach in synthesis consists in working closely with our customers to develop methodologies that perfectly fit to their needs.
These customised syntheses can be used either for the development of “hit to lead” molecules, for process optimisation or for process development at a pilot scale. Various applications have been developped including medicinal chemistry, green chemistry and immunochemistry.

Our laboratory benefits from various innovative techniques such as microwave or ultrasonic devices, as well as more classical tools such as a glove-box, which allow us to work under an inert atmosphere.

These syntheses can be intensified using high-throughput screening devices that enable us to do multiple syntheses in parallel, with a strict and automated control of the experimental conditions.
Heterogeneous reaction (gas/liquid) can be tested using a multireactor system (up to 8 reactions in parrallel). For larger volumes (up to 6L), several pilot reactors are available, once again offering a strict control of temperature, stirring or injection of reagents.
Analytical tools

To support our expertise in synthesis, we have an internal access to a wide range of analytical equipments (including but not limited to NMR, GCMS, Raman, FTIR, HPLC, GPC, DSC, TGA...) which enable us to determine the compositions and the chemical structures of the synthesised products, as well as their physico-chemical properties.