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Pilot reactors

- Reactors (5 or 20 liters) with solid addition unit (1kg/h) and pilot distillation unit (thermal pyrolysis, catalytic cracking, waste treatments, biomass conversion, powder drying ...)

- Intensified reactor for continous meso-fluid tests (-10 to 200°C, 2 to 10ml/min)

- Intensified reactors for gas phase catalytic tests (25 to 450°C, 100ml/min) with on-line gas analysis

- MMRS (Modular Micro Reaction System) for liquid/liquid system, cartridge reactor for heterogeneous catalysis, mass flow controller for the injection of a gas phase

- Intensified reactors for continous catalytic oxidation of VOCs (250°C, 30m3/h)

- Reactors for continous treatment of slurries (design and adaptation according to project needs).

Autoclaves and equipments for chemical synthesis


- Stainless steel autoclaves 316l or Hastelloy® C-276 (75 to 600ml) for high-pressure and high temperatures chemical treatments (up to 500°C and 600 bar) and waste treatments (solvolisis)

- Micro autoclaves in glass (0.5ml to 20ml) stirred and heated by microwave irradiation (up to 250°C) and resistant to an autogenous pressure of 20 bar

- Spray Dryer (drying, synthesis, encapsulation)


  - Preparative chromatography



 -  NMR (access), GC-FID, GC-MS, GC-TCD, HPLC, IR, Raman, UV, DRX, BET, DLS, TGA / DSC, µGC-MS, zeta potential analyzer

- Complex mixtures identification and quantification by GCxGCHRToFMS/FID




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