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Materials and surfaces characterisation

-  Spectroscopy FTIR, FT-µIR, NIR, Raman, UV/Vis, NMR (access), Direct Injection Probe-MS

-  Chromatography : preparative GPC/HPLC, HPLC-PDA-MS-ELSD,GPC-UV-DRI-Visco-LS, GPC High Temperature and triple detection-ELSD, GPC-MS, TREF- Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation, GEF - Gradient Elution Fractionation, GC-PID, GC-MS, TD-GC-MS TD-pyrolysis-GC-MS, GC-DFPD

 - Impurities, contaminants, NIAS, trace levels, complex mixture analysis : GCxGC-HRTOFMS/FID, liq/MHE-GC-HES-MS/FID

- Rheological analysis : rotational and capillary rheometer, viscometers, MFI

- Mechanical and thermomechanical analysis : bending, compression and tensile test, modulus of elasticity, abrasion and scratch test, hardness, creep test, Charpy and Izod impact test, HDT/VICAT, DMA

- Thermal analysis : TGA, muffle furnace, DSC, moisture analysis, Flash DSC (access)

- Structural and surface characterisation : particle size, porosimetry BET, XRD, roughness (optical and mechanical profilometer), permeability, surface wettability (contact angle, potentiel zeta), optical microscopy, FEG-SEM-EDX, EELS-TEM, cryo-ultramicrotomy, wear resistance (scratch, abrasimeter)

- Characterisation of barrier properties agains odours and VOCs

- Emissions and VOCs from materials : Emission cells and emission chambers from 44cm3 to 1 m3

- Odour characterization : sensory room, dynamic olfactometry at detection threshold with human assessors, expert panel, GC-MS/Olfactometry

- Simulation of ageing in climatic chambers : UV, temperature, humidity, air renewal rate


Polymer processes



 □ Pre-treatment

  * Air dryers

  * Pellet Compactor

  * Grinder

 □ Mixing and compounding (thermoplastics)

  * Single-screw and twin screw extrusion

 □ Shaping (thermoplastics)

  * Film : flat dye extrusion and blow extrusion

  * Thermoforming

  * Injection molding

  * Fiber impregnation

  * Foaming extrusion (single screw & static mixer as well as tandem line)

  * Micro twin screw extruder and microinjection molding (5g)

 □ Composites processing

  * Liquid resin infusion (LRI)

  * 2 component resin transfer moulding (2K RTM)

Coating deposition

 □ Spin-dip-roller coating
  □ Spray booth






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