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pilot processing tools
Certech has significantly increased its capacity for materials processing at pilot scale as well as for the production of industrial trial quantities.

Capabilities for polymer materials processing include coextrusion of cast multilayered films or tubes, cables insulation, film blowing, injection molding, physical and chemical foaming, preparation of complex masterbatches...

R&D projects ongoing at Certech in the field of processes include:

  • Polymers reinforced with natural fibers
  • Formulation and transformation of biobased polymers
  • Physical foaming
  • Thermoplastic recycling
  • Polymer and sol-gel coatings
  • Barrier materials for packaging applications
  • Compounding and compatibilisation of mineral filled raw polymers and polymer blends

Certech is able to produce materials from 5g to several hundred of kg.

Services include:

  • Pilot operations: drying, mixing, pelletising, extrusion, coextrusion, injection moulding, ...
  • Simulation of industrial transformation processes: compounding, coextrusion of films or tubes, cable insulation, injection molding, preparation of nanocomposites.
  • Analysis and characterisation of the main process parameters such as rheological properties or thermal stability.