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pilot processing toolsCertech processing hall comprises all main processing techniques for thermoplastic materials : pre-treatment (grinding, drying, compacting), compounding by twinscrew extruder, pelletisation, film-cast and blow extrusion, injection moulding, chemical and physical foaming. Thermoset processing techniques like LRI (Liquid resin Infusion) and 2 component resin transfer moulding (2KRTM) are also available.
Certech is able to produce materials from 5g to several hundred of kg.

R&D projects ongoing at Certech in the field of processing include:
•    Polymers reinforced with natural fibers
•    Formulation and processing of biobased polymers
•    Chemical and physical foaming
•    Thermoplastic recycling
•    Barrier materials for packaging applications
•    Compounding and compatibilisation of mineral polymers and polymer blends filled with fibers and other reinforcements …