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Certech competences in organic and inorganic synthesis, combined with the use of high throughput experiment tools, allow to accelerate the developement of innovative products.

Synthesis of polymers and copolymers (block, random, alternating) are carried-out by using different types of process:

  • Radical polymerisation
  • Ionic polymerisation (anionic and cationic)
  • Catalytic polymerisation, using transition metal catalysts (chrome for polyolefins, Ziegler-Natta catalysts, metallocenes, new catalysts with one reactive site)

Chemical modifications of polymers are performed in solutions ("wet chemistry") or directly "in-situ", i.e. during an extrusion process (reactive extrusion).

The inorganic syntheses activities cover the following fields:

  • Soft-chemistry synthesis (so-called "sol-gel" technique) for pore-size controlled materials
  • Nanomaterials synthesis
  • Oxydes with high specific surface synthesis(SiO2, zeolites, TiO2...)