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Certech has successfully passed the Round-Robin test "VOC 2017" organized by IFA


New continuous reactor developed by Certech

Annual Report
Certech annual report has been published in May 2017.

Certech invests in new flow microreactors


Microreactors appear more and more to be a promising alternative to the batch systems traditionally used in the chemical industry. They provide much more flexibility and enable a much better control of the key parameters of a reaction thanks to their very efficient mass and heat transfers. In addition, as much less chemicals are present in the system, they lead to a great improvement in term of safety in comparison to traditional system.

In the scope of the ERDF project Flow4Syn, Certech has acquired a commercial mesofluidic system Low-Flow (Corning®Advanced-Flow™ Reactors) to develop new intensified reactions at a lab scale. Despite its very compact size – the total volume of this system composed of ten fluidic modules is 4.5mL – this system can handle flux from 2 to 10 mL per minute, meaning that about 5 liters of product can be produced within an 8-hour-shift. In other words, such a 4.5mL reactor can deal with a theoretical 5 ton of product a year if used permanently! Thanks to a potential seamless scale-up with other commercial system, the experimental conditions determined on our Low Flow system can be extrapolated on a production one that can reach 3500t/y.

Such a system enables Certech to provide new solutions to its customers in the field of process intensification which are innovative, cost efficient and easily transferable to the industry.