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Certech has successfully passed Round-Robin tests for Aldehydes analysis


Certech has successfully passed the Round-Robin test "Aldehydes 2020" organized by IFA in December.  
Certech is active in the field of VOCs and odors for 40 years and is a reference player in Belgium and in the world thanks to its position as active member in the standardization committees on air quality (CEN / TC264, ISO / TC146 / SC6, CEN / TC137, CEN / TC351, AFNOR B44, CEN / TC386). Certech covers all aspects of air quality issues (diagnostic and remediation) from the outdoor environment (air pollution) to confined spaces (automotive, transportation, workplace, offices, domestic, ...).

State-of-the-art equipments (GC×GC-HRTOFMS, Liq/MHE-GC-HES-MS/FID) completes HPLC-MS/UV and TD-GC-MS/FID analysis portfolio for the characterization of trace compounds, impurities and contaminants as well as identification and quantification of compounds in complex mixtures.

Certech is a reliable partner able to provide complete odors and emissions characterization as well as a full support for new products and processes development.