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This activity mainly includes problem solving, analyses and consultancy. These are short-term studies where good problem identification and a quick solution are critical. 

Certech strategy is to focus on high intellectual value-added services, i.e.activities requiring the interpretation of measurements by specialists who combine instrumental expertise with a deep knowledge and understanding of the customer activity. Certech works with more than 250 customers each year and has access to a large number of sophisticated instruments. The resources and expertise are organized in three technology platforms.

News !

New Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) System

Certech are pleased to announce the expansion of its instrumental capabilities and expertise in GPC for molecular weight distribution measurements.

 Certech are now equipped with:

 - A high temperature GPC System with differential refractive index (DRI), Viscometer and Light Scattering Detectors
 - A room temperature GPC System with ultraviolet diode array (DAD), DRI, Viscometer and Light Scattering Detectors   

 Certech's expertise in GPC is continually expanding through the development of new methods, new applications and publications in international journals

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