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Biobased materials

In order to accelerate the introduction on the market of lightened, low emission and/or biodegradable biobased materials, Certech develops systems based on renewable materials.

Our research projects include the following topics:

  • Functionalisation of commercial biobased raw materials for the synthesis of thermoset resins.
  • Formulation of thermoset resins based on commercial products free of styrene, formaldehyde, bisphenol A or other CMR products.
  • Production of natural fibers reinforced composites by liquid resin infusion or by resin transfer moulding (RTM).
  • Modification of biobased polymers to improve specific properties.
  • Production of lightened materials by foaming extrusion.

Macobio Project – Low Carbon Footprint Materials Portfolio – ERDF funding (European Regional Development Fund)