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Recycling of composite materials


The market of glass, carbon or natural fibre reinforced plastics is growing: these materials are used in a variety of industrial segments (transport, construction, sports and leisure, wind sector, aeronautics...).

In a context of transition towards a circular economy, Certech is developing treatment modes of production waste and end-of-life composites:

  • Mechanical recycling (Plastics to Plastics):
  • Thermoplastic composites : formulation, processing/manufacturing, evaluation of mechanical properties, emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), odours and remediation
  • Thermoset composites : recycling as fillers in thermoplastic compounds
  • Thermochemical recycling (Plastics to Chemicals, Plastics to Liquids): solvolysis and pyrolysis processes, with recovering of fibres

Certech relies on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team in the fields of materials and processes to offer the most relevant recycling solutions.

Recycomposite Project – Interreg France-Wallonie-Flandres funding


With the support of the European Regional Development Fund and Wallonia