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Industrial partnership

Certech’s infrastructure, skills and the expertise of specialists are made available for industrial customers. Services include contract research and development to improve products and processes, problem solving, analyses.

As an R&D partner, our approach is to identify customer needs, understand markets, products and processes requirements.

Some examples of partnerships outcome are given below:

•    Evaluation of an odour removal device for domestic fryers
•    Development of devices to improve preservation of products in domestic and industrial refrigerators
•    Determination of odorous components in different materials
•    Assessment of ambient air quality on sanitation sites

Materials Technology
•    Development of wood-polymer composites
•    Development of additives to improve the barrier properties of polymers
•    Compounding of transparent polymers for consumer goods
•    Development of low odour and low VOC formulations for automotive and packaging applications
•   Understanding of materials and formulations structure-properties relationship
•    Out of specs analysis and remediation for medical and cosmetic industries
•    Polymer formulations according to various specifications

Chemistry & Industrial Processes
•    Development of metals’ recovery process from wastes
•    Development of a recycling process for converting shredded waste by catalytic pyrolysis into liquid hydrocarbons and solid carbon
•    Development and optimisation of a process to produce mesoporous inorganic materials using spray drying technology
•    Extraction and purification of biomaterials for medical application
•    Development of an intensified process to produce specific inorganic compounds
•    Study of the physicochemical recovery routes for different waste stream recycling