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Industrial partnership

Certech resources, skills as well as its employees's expertise are contracted for a period of time to companies to investigate a specific aspect of technology. Such projects can take several forms: Contract research, product and process development, problem solving, custom analyses ...

As a partner for industrial R&D projects, Certech helps companies to combine business creativity with the latest developments in fundamental research, as we did for the:

  • Recovery process of metals from waste
  • Development of a conversion process (catalytic cracking at low temperature) of organic material from shredded waste (even containing metals) into liquid hydrocarbons and solid carbon (useful for steelmaking)
  • Extraction and purification of biomaterials for medical use
  • Evaluation of a system which destroys odours for domestic deep fryers
  • Development of several wood/polymer composites
  • Development of new nanoporous materials with controlled architecture
  • Development of additives for the improvement of barrier properties for polyolefins
  • Compounding of transparent polymers in order to make a material with innovative properties
  • Development of low odour and low VOC formulations for automotive and food applications
  • Problem solving for protective film manufacture
  • Wet chemistry modification of polyolefins surface properties for biomedical applications
  • Modification of catalysts for thermosets
  • Improved conservation of products in domestic and industrial refrigerators
  • Study of the modification of TiO2 photocatalysts to enhance their sensitivity to visible light
  • Study of barrier properties of specialised food packaging films
  • Substitution of stainless steel by the use of high performance polymers for food contact applications
  • Inorganic and organic catalysis
  • Development of high throughput experimentation techniques for screening of active compounds
  • High throughput techniques studies for the determination of physical properties of polymers
  • Determination of the components responsible for the odour of some materials
  • Study of the emissions of several automotive anticorrosion formulations
  • Use of adsorbed layers onto cellulose based packaging materials in order to prevent the migration of key chemicals.

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