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Success stories

Green light for the PHOEBUS pilot unit

Comet Treatments is commissioning on its Obourg site (Mons area) a pilot plant for the distillation of synthetic fuels obtained by catalytic cracking of waste: residue from end-of-life vehicles shredding, waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and scrap metal.
This patented technology is the result of the Phoebus research project, supported by the Mecatech competitiveness cluster within the framework of the Marshall Plan of the Walloon Region, in collaboration with Certech, ULB and CORETEC Engineering.


Development of biomaterials

Certech has collaborated to the design of an innovative intensified process for the production of biomaterials from natural animal sources. The objective was the development and commercialization by the company Wishbone of biomaterials to be used for bone regeneration. Based on laboratory tests, an industrial reactor was sized, designed by an equipment manufacturer and installed at Wishbone facility. The industrial process was validated and the biomaterials were qualified.

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A bio-based stamp for the bicentenary of the French “Caisse des dépôts”

Certech collaborated with the company VALAGRO in a project to produce a commemorative stamp printed on an ecological bio-based substrate
Certech’s expertise in the field of plastic materials process enabled to define the necessary parameters for the cast-film extrusion of a bio-based thermoplastic product. It is composed of a polyamide based on castor oil and a filler based on cellulose.
Several kilometres of film were produced at Certech.

Several kilometers of film were produced at Certech. More details here and here>>


Development of new track-etched membrane filters

Certech has collaborated on the development by IT4IP of new polycarbonate track-etched membrane filters exhibiting high resistance to solvents, especially toluene. More>>

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Improvement of the barrier properties of packaging 

Certech has developed tests for the evaluation of the barrier properties of packaging materials for specific organoleptic contaminants. Storage and manufacturing process conditions can be simulated to identify the possible sources of external contamination.

Regarding this topic, Certech helped a worldwide leading company to select new packaging materials in the field of synthetic corks. A real improvement has been brought to the barrier properties of this packaging against external contaminants. This solution has been implemented worldwide.


Industrialisation of the conversion of shredder residues ultimate fraction

Research at Certech in the field of low temperature catalytic pyrolysis led to the development of a conversion process for the organic compounds contained in shredder residues (from waste containing metals) into liquid hydrocarbons and solid carbon (useful for the steelmaking industry).

Shredder residues usually contain very diverse materials such as heterogenic plastics, rubber, textile fibres, wood, foams ... This new process not only avoids landfilling of these residues, but also aims reaching an economically sustainable way to produce energy. The final purpose of this project consists in injecting this fuel into cogeneration engines for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat.  Hydrocarbons have been purified chemically and physically to obtain clean fuel which specifications are compatible with both the mechanical stress of engines and emission limits

A pilot unit will be set up on the operation site of Obourg (Company Comet Traitements). This investment is an important milestone in the development of the Phoenix project, carried by the Walloon region Marshall plan. In case of success, the next step is the building in Wallonia of an industrial unit which should be able to value 70000 tons of shredder residues per year, for a net electricity production sufficient enough to cover the consumption of around 30000 households. The building of this unit should create 60 direct jobs.


Evaluation of the emissions and odours of new additives grades

In the packaging industry, Certech collaborates with its customers to evaluate and compare the emissions (VOC, odours) of new additives grades. For example, Certech has confirmed good organoleptic properties for a range of new additives. These tests were obtained under very harsh conditions and concluded to the low odour emission of these new additives. Those results have been used by our customers to promote their products:




Assessment of ambient air quality on sanitation sites

As part of  sanitation sites projects, Certech supports its partners in assessing ambient air quality and operates at different levels:
•    Development of sampling and measurement strategies
•    Analyses conducted according to legislation in force
•    Assessment of operators’ and residents’ exposure level
•    Risk analysis including toxicologic study with partners
•    Olfactory pollution analysis
•    Implementation of pollution remote tracking tools
•    In-situ evaluation of reduction systems efficiency
•    R&D in the field of waste recovery

Development of a polymeric formulation for bra underwire

Certech has collaborated to the development of a recycled polymer formulation as an alternative to metallic underwire. The selected material meets the specifications of the product: shape memory, stress at break and ideal rigidity for support and comfort. A great collaboration for the development of an innovative Swootec underwire, a new technology patented by the company Ladyswoo.

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