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Micro/mesofluidic reactors

In a chemical industry that becomes more challenging every day, process intensification is a key-approach to improve the cost efficiency and the competitive advantages. Micro/mesoreactors   are an emerging technology that address today’seconomical requirements while also being more flexible and with a lower environmental footprint than more conventional industrial solutions.
Certech is investing heavily in micro/mesofluidic technologies in the scope of its process intensification platform. Since 2016, Certech has acquired different equipments in the field of continuous flow systems such as liquid-liquid systems (Corning reactor), liquid-gas reactors (Ehrfeld Modular System), retention reactors that can be packed with solid particles/powder for heterogeneous catalysis.
In addition, Certech is developing its own expertise in the design and built up of fluidic reactor, working for example on the design of functionalized systems.

Flow4Syn Project – Intense4Chem Portfolio – ERDF funding (European Regional Development Fund)