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Ongoing and previous projects


Certech is involved in projects under different framework programs, as detailed below:

European projects / ERDF

>>  Cornet project "RemOpack": Removal of odours generated or entrapped in closed food packaging.

>> Cornet project « HumidWRAP »: Humidity and Water Regulating Active Packaging


>>  ERDF portfolio "INTENSE4CHEM"

  • Flow4Syn project : Process intensification - Flow chemistry for renewable chemicals
  • Flow4Reactors project : Process intensification - Continuous catalytic microreactors
  • Flow4Solids project: Process intensification - Continuous synthesis and post-treatment of solids


  • BIOMAT project - From biomass to biobased materials
  • MACOBIO project - Biobased composites

>> ERDF portfolio "ECOLISER" - Ecobinders for the soils treatment, weatherproofing and roads


>> ERDF portfolio "Excellence Centre in energy efficiency and sustainable development"

  • STOCC project : Heat storage


  • EMRA-DEMO-Certech project, Polymers and composites platform : odour, volatile organic compounds and trace contaminants characterisation

Crossborder projects Interreg V France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen

  • RECY-COMPOSITE : Recycling of composite materials : crossborder approach towards circular economy
  • COMPOSENS : Crossborder development of polymer/natural fibers composites. Focus on VOC emissions and odours
  • DURATEX  (GoToS3 portfolio): antifouling and antimicrobial textiles for sustainable applications in buildings and architecture
  • PEPS : To boost the cross-border potential of additive manufacturing processes
  • PSYCHE : Plastic waste to SYngas to CHEMicals


Regional projects

  • Greenwin project "RECYPLUS": Extending the recycling of post-consumer plastic waste
  • Mecatech project "PHOEBUS": Use of fuels in high-added-value applications

  • CWALITY project "MSP" : Spray-drying industrial process for the synthesis of mesoporous silica particles
  • CWALITY project « Flow4Al »: Optimisation and intensification of the Intens4Al process through a reduction of unit operations
  • ‘’INTERESTS” project (SPW-DGO4): INTEgrated Renewable Energy power STationS : development of an integrated solution for the storage and the valorization of renewable energies, through hydrogen storage in porous materials.’’
  • Mecatech project “Silenthalpic”: Development of a "scalable" and "modular" ventilation system with improved high-flow acoustic performance, condensate evacuation and low-temperature resistance of the enthalpy membrane.


Closed projects

European projects

  • ERDF project "TECHNOPOLY": Polymer materials technology, processing, formulation, characterisation and recycling
  • ERDF project "MICROPACK": Development of a microstructured composite material with high barrier properties for food packaging
  • Cornet project "SELECTPERM": Development of food packaging materials with O2/CO2 selective permeability

Interreg IV Crossborder projects

  • Interreg IV "RECY-POLYMER": Recycling and valorisation of thermoplastics in a crossborder perspective
  • Interreg IV "HYBRIPROTECH": Development of sol-gel thin layer coatings for metallic surfaces protection and natural stone treatment
  • Interreg IV "POLYCHANVRE": Development of polymer-hemp composite materials


Regional projects

  • Greenwin project "COMPONAT": Development of composites from biosourced materials
  • Greenwin project "RARETE": Recycling of rare earth and precious materials used in new technologies (photovoltaïcs, flat screens...)
  • Greenwin project "PHOSBIOL2": Production of bioethanol from renewable or recycled materials
  • Greenwin project "PSH": Superhydrophobic powders
  • Greenomat project "CLEANOPTIC": Development of nanocomposite "green" glass panel coatings for solar energy capture
  • Cwality project "INTENSE4AL": Development of an intensified process for continuous production of boehmites
  • WBGreen project "CAPTINDOOR": Sensors for indoor air pollution measurement
  • WBHealth project "WATERPOP": Photodegradation of pollutants in water