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Recycling of post-consumer plastics



The use of plastic packaging increases continuously but only a limited amount is recycled today. In this context, Certech has evaluated the impact of enlarging the waste collection to all plastic materials on the purity and properties of the materials obtained after sorting.

Our activities include the following topics:

  • Evaluation of the purity of recycled polymers by the use of thermal and/or spectroscopic techniques.
  • Melt filtration aiming to purify the polymers by removal of various contaminants.
  • Production of standardised test samples by injection molding.
  • Evaluation of the thermomechanical properties of polymers.
  • Modification of thermomechanical and rheological properties of recycled materials.
  • Pyrolysis of ultimate polymer waste in order to produce substitute fuels.

Greenwin project "RECYPLUS": Extending the recycling of post-consumer plastic waste