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Removing undesirable odors in food packaging

Many food products can generate unpleasant odors which accumulate during shelf-life in their packaging and get released when it is opened. These odors can lead to a rejection of the product by the consumer while there is no deterioration of the food. Certech is developing and designing a novel packaging concept that will remove these off-odors and thereby reduce food waste.

Our research projects include the following topics:

  • Evaluation of odourous volatile organic compounds (VOC) adsorption by mineral and organic fillers
  • Dispersion of fillers into polymer resins at lab and pilot scale.
  • Film production of filled polymers by cast film or blown film extrusion.
  • Evaluation of VOC adsorption of filled polymer films
  • Thermoforming of polymer films.

Remopack Project – CORNET (Collective Research Networking)