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Thermo-chemical recycling

Thermo-chemical recycling, as an alternative technology to mechanical recycling, is a solution to avoid the landfilling of waste streams such as multi-layers plastics, composites, mixes of low quality plastics and contaminated plastics. This technology enables the chemical transformation of wastes into raw materials that can be used in the manufacturing of new products.
Our R&D project aims at the production of olefins from plastic waste via an innovative synthetic pathway. Wastes will be gasified to obtain syngas that will be converted into olefins after a purification stage, thanks to a Fischer Tropsch process. Once purified, these olefins will be used in the chemical industry, for example as reactants for plastics manufacturing.
In the framework of this project, Certech provides its expertise in:
•    Thermochemical conversion of waste
•    Analysis and gas purification
•    Catalysis
•    Process intensification

PSYCHE Project – Interreg France-Wallonie-Flandres funding

With the support of the European Regional Development Fund and Wallonia