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New project in the field of building materials

The main objective of the "Silenthalpic" project is to develop a "scalable" and "modular" ventilation system

The targeted technology is a decentralized dual-flow ventilation system that will:
- Improve acoustic performance at high flow rates
- Evacuate condensates and improved resistance to low temperatures (<0°C)
- Allow the overall smart management of the building ventilation as a system from several decentralized units.

Certech is work package leader in the developpement of a thermoformable and water permeable enthalpic membrane. Certech provides its expertise in the field of polymer materials: material design, transformation & forming processes and analysis.
SILENTHALPIC is a project funded by the Mecatech cluster - Marshall Plan of the Walloon Region. The project partners are Greencom s.c.r.l., ULG, CSTC, Cenaero, FFT, Nano4