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New laser diffraction equipment

As part of biomass valorization projects, Certech acquired an equipment to measure particle size distribution by laser diffraction (Beckman Coulter LS 13 320). This granulometer measures the particle size distribution of different types of biomass prior to their fluidization in a fast pyrolysis reactor. The technique is based on the diffraction pattern of a laser beam encountering particles dispersed in a liquid (ULM module); smaller particles resulting in broader diffraction angles. The granulometer is also equipped with the advanced PIDS technology, allowing to extend the range of measurement from 40 nm to 2 mm.

Laser diffraction is a fast and reliable method to characterize particle size distribution of a large variety of powdered materials, making this technique inescapable in the chemical, pharmaceutical and agro-food industries where the particle size is a crucial issue in many processes. Together with its equipment for the analysis of submicronic particles by dynamic light scattering (DLS), this new granulometer allows Certech to cover a range of particle size characterization capabilities from the sub-nano to the millimeter size.

This granulometer was acquired within the framework of the Biomat Project – Low Carbon Footprint Materials Portfolio – ERDF funding (European Regional Development Fund)